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Nature is a playground

Seeing yet another amazing but man made climbing frame being installed into a local school’s playground has got me thinking…. Why are we “prescribing” more play instead of allowing children to develop play themselves, interacting with each other, role playing, using their imaginations and creativity. Installing yet another piece of expensive play equipment …is it…read more

After School Club

Welcome to the new AFTER SCHOOL CLUB blog!!! Thursday afternoons 4:30 – 6pm, term time. With the ever changing weather conditions and the long dark evenings Ben and Peter have been hard at work teaching the children loads of new indoor skills. How to make a first-aid stretcher from a blanket and two sticks, hand warmers from pebbles to keep…read more

New Stone Age programme!

  In November 2015 we had our first booking for our NEW Stone Age programme! So why don’t YOU join us on a journey back in time, to when the world was different and our ancestors lived in a world without cars, mobile phones and computers? Come with us to learn about how people of the…read more

All Change? Volunteer Day

We are running a volunteer day on Sunday 12th April to help us move our Forest School area. Please come and help us! There is an ever approaching wetland area in our current Forest school which has made some trees unstable. In the high winds earlier this year, this meant that some trees in the…read more